Horse Retirement in Virginia

Horse Retirement in Virginia.
Two horses grazing in one of Long Branch’s serene fields. Photo by Elizabeth Ryan.


Long Branch Historic House and Farm is a horse retirement facility is a place for the lucky ones. If you would love nothing more than to give your loyal equine partner the rest and relaxation that they have earned, look no further than this gorgeous 400 acres located in Clarke County, VA. Nestled near the Shenandoah River and beneath the Blue Ridge mountains, Long Branch’s horse retirement facility is surrounded by large farms and amazing views.

Your horse will receive daily gentle care by trusted horsemen, being checked over by at least two sets of experienced eyes each day.  The cost of board includes total four board fencing, automatic waterers, large run-in sheds and hay during the winter months.  We will also arrange and bill for trims by the farrier every 6-10 weeks, an annual float by the dentist, and spring and fall vaccinations.  Twice yearly, during the holidays and over the summer months, owners will be provided with an updated picture of their beloved friend at no additional cost.

Here at the Long Branch Historic House and Farm, Davis Equine administers our vaccinations and provides care in case of emergency.  We understand that retired horses should be kept “pasture sound,” and that the level of veterinary care should reflect that intention.

Long Branch utilizes a pasture management plan which provides our horses with ample green grass for most of the year, making grain all but unnecessary for most of our horses.  We do however have the option available to those horses that cannot keep weight without that extra supplement. 

More Information

Contact Joe (BJ) Lewis, Farm Manager (540)837-1856 if you wish to arrange a tour of our ideal facility.

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Satellite View of Long Branch Grounds